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Manuscripts for submission to AJATE must be formatted in accordance with AJATE formatting style before it is uploaded online on AJATE’s website or sent by email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Authors are required to follow the guidelines below:

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Word, Font: Times New Roman.

GENERAL: Apart from the manuscript title and author address lines, other lines should be in font size 12. The manuscript title should be font size 14 while the addresses should be font size 11. Each page and line should be numbered. The manuscript should be justified. Full manuscript should not exceed 18 A4-sized pages, double spaced. Set all margins to 25 mm. Do not use foot notes. Use capitals for all major subheadings, i.e., TITLE, ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, etc. Tables and figures should appear in text and appropriately captioned. For tables, the captions should come above the table, left aligned. For figures, the captions should come below the figure, left aligned. Graphs should not be in colour. Colour photographs are acceptable only where necessary.

TITLE: Title of the manuscript should be on the first page of your submission. The title of the manuscript should be font size 14, bold. Author(s) name should appear right below the title on a line by itself and the font size should be 12 regular. Author’s address line should come right below the author’s name, on a line by itself, using font size 11. Where author address exceeds one, use 1, 2, 3 superscripts to link authors to address. Use * to denote corresponding author. Include email address of corresponding author.

ABSTRACT: abstract should not exceed 250 words. Abstract must come right below email address of corresponding author. The next line after the abstract should carry the keywords. Use the word ‘Keywords’. There should be three to six keywords.

INTRODUCTION: introduction should come right after keywords.

MATERIALS AND METHODS/ METHODOLOGY: should come right after introduction

RESULTS: should come right after materials and method.

DISCUSSION: should come right after results.

CONCLUSION: The paper’s conclusion should come right after discussion.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: single paragraph.

REFERENCES: references should come at the end of the paper and it should be single spaced. Use the 6th edition of the APA Reference Style. Examples:

In-text ref.

The author's last name and the work's date of publication must always appear,

 E.g. According to Chima (2019)…(when one author is involved)

    According to Chima and Aiyeloja (2011)…(when two authors are involved)

    According to Chima et al. (2017)… (when more than two authors are involved)

  OR    … (Chima, 2019)

           …. (Chima and Omokhua, 2011)

           …. (Ijeomah, 2014; Oyebade and Eguakun, 2015;  Odunlami, et al., 2017)

           ……(Chima, 2018a; Chima, 2018b) – when citing different works published by an author the  same year.

List of references

A book in print: Chima, U.D. (2019). Ecology of Mangrove Forests. Ibadan: Evans Publishers.

A book chapter, print version: Chima, U. D. & Omokhua, G.A. (2011). Vegetation Assessment and Description. In A.A. Aiyeloja & H.M. Ijeomah(Eds.), Book of Reading in Forestry, Wildlife Management and    Fisheries (pp. 104-132). Port Harcourt: Topbase/Green Canopy.

An article in a print journal: Chima, U.D., Fredrick, C. and Osakwe, E.E. (2018). Evaluation of the impact of crude oil on early growth of Annona muricata L and Treculia africana Decne seedlings. International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 21(2), 3687 – 3696.

An article in an online journal without DOI: Chima, U.D., Adedire, M.O., & Omokhua, G.E. (2015). Natural regeneration potential of key livelihood tree species under different land use types within Omo biosphere reserve, Nigeria. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences, 6(4), 166 – 176. Retrieved from

An article in an online journal with DOI: Chima, U.D. & Vure, G. (2014). Implications of crude oil pollution on natural regeneration of plant species in an oil producing community in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Journal of Forestry Research, 25(4), 915-921. DOI: 10.1007/s11676-014-0538-y



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