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Performance  of  Cuba  108  variety  of  kenaf  (Hibiscus  cannabinus  L.)  as  affected  by arbuscular mycorrhiza and
organo-chemical fertilizers. Bada B. S.

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15 - 20

Assessment  of  heavy  metals  concentrations  in  tissues  of  the  African  Giant  Snail (Archachatina  marginata)  in  selected  major  markets  in  Abeokuta,  South  West Nigeria. Shotuyo,  A.  L.  A.,Bambgose,  O.,  Oduntan,O. O., Akintunde,  A.  O., Oyatogun M.O.

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21 - 32

Analysis   of   cotton   production   in   Katsina   State,   Nigeria. Amolegbe,   K.B., Muhammad-Lawal, A., Olatunbosun S.

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33 - 45

Performance of Amaranthus species under two  different environmental  conditions in derived savannah agroecology, Southwestern Nigeria. Ufoegbune, G. C., Adekunle, A. A., Adebiyi, G.A., Bello, N.J., Eruola, A.O., Makinde A.A.

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46 - 60

Tree  height  prediction models  for Nauclea  diderrichii (De  Wild.  &  Th.Dur.) Merrill Plantation in Area J4, Ogun State, Nigeria. Oladoye A.O., Sodiya O. E., Ezenwenyi J. U., Basiru A.O, Soaga J.A.

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