1 - 15

Determinants of livelihood diversification among rural artisanal fisherfolks in North-central and North-western Nigeria by Oladimeji, Y. U.

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16 - 25

Investigating agricultural calendar in a changing climate of the semi-arid tropics by Adejuwon, J. O.

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26 - 39

Effect of climate change adaptation on sweet potatoes and three-leaved yam production in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria by Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M.E.  and   Emeh, S.O.

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40 - 46

Effect of crop water intake on water table depth: A case study of Chanchaga irrigation scheme by Musa J. J., Dada, P. O. O., Otache, M. Y., Adesiji, R. Oiganji, E., Musa, I. H., Kutigi, I. B., and Uyehe, S.

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47 - 61

Awareness and perception of climate change and variability among indigenous people living around Nigerian national parks by Osunsina, I.O.O., Osunsina  J., Oduntan, O. O., Oladiran Y. and Moyaki O. T.

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62 - 73

Assessment of heavy metals concentrations in the upper reaches of Bonny River, Niger delta, Nigeria by Akankali J.A., Davies I.C. and Kpaniku, N.

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74 - 84

Effect of climate change adaptation measures on the income of rice farmers under the IFAD-VCDP in Katcha Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria by Jirgi, A. J., Oseghale, A. I., Aliyu, M.S. T., Tuedogheye, J. G. and Jibrin. S.

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85 - 104

Assessment of Tourists’ Attractions and Satisfaction in Selected Eco-destinations in Lagos State, Nigeria by Ijeomah, H.M., Abubakar, S.I., Ezeano, C. I. and Adetola, B.O.

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 105 - 113

Effects of planting date and the application of magic force insecticide on stem borer infestation and damage of maize (Zea mays l.) in Gombe State, Nigeria by Degri, M. M.; Oaya, C. S.; Samaila, A. E.; Mshelia, J. S. and Agesa, G.

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114 - 123

Seedling emergence and growth of Blighia sapida K.D. Konig using different watering frequencies by Olayode, O.O.

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124 - 132

Effects of weeding frequency and plant spacing on the infestation and damage of the major insect pests of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum l.) by Degri, M. M., Samaila, A. E. and Oaya, C. S.  Click to download


 133 - 148

Diversity and population density of mammals in Cross River National Park, Cross River State, Nigeria by Oruh, E. K., Ukpong, E.E. and Ijeomah, H.M.

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149 - 163

Minerals and nutrients variability assessment in seeds and tubers of ten accessions of African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa hoshst ex a. rich) by Anjorin  F. B., Famuyiwa, Z.O., Akinyosoye  S. T., Agbeleye  O. A, Odeyemi, O.O and Olowolafe, M. O.    Click to download


164 - 176

Salinity tolerance of two seedling growth stages of Annona muricata L. in Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Chima, U.D., Fredrick, C. and Amaogu D.C.

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177 - 191

The transition period fin fish community structure of Amadi Creek, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria by Ibim, A. T.* and Iwalehin, E.A.

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192 - 199

Physical and mechanical properties of cement bonded particle board produced from Anogeissus leiocarpus  (DC.) Guill and Perr wood species by Ogunjobi K.M., Ajibade M.A, Gakenou O.F and Gbande, S.

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200 - 210

Effect of atrazine and glyphosate on the activity and survivability of earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) on farmland in Demsa Benue Trough, Adamawa State, Nigeria by Elias, A.Y.*, Qadeer, M.A., and Mohammed, A.K.

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Table of Contents

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