1 - 12

Genetic analysis of earliness in Scarlet (Solanum aethiopicum L.) Gboma (Solanum macrocarpon L.) and Solanum anguivi by Adeniji, O.T., Kusolwa, P. M. and Reuben, S.W.O.M.

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13 - 23

Nutrient utilization and cost benefits of crossbred heifers fed urea treated maize stover supplemented with varying levels of concentrate by Iriso, B.V., Ehoche, O. W., Tanko, R. J., John, P.A., and Bello, S.S.

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24 - 37

Analysis of Structure of Agricultural Land use among Small Scale Arable crop Farmers in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria by Akpan, S.B. and Udom, S.D.

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38 - 46

Assessment of utilization of chemical pesticide component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by farmers in Kogi State Nigeria by Amodu U. S. and Bolanle T.E.

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47 - 53

Biometric prediction of live body weight using morphometric traits in Nigerian local turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) by Adeoye, A.A., Oladepo, A.D. and Udoh, J.E.

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54 - 64

Assessment of Quick Impact Intervention Programme (QIIP) on farmer’s income in Osun State, Nigeria by Adebisi L.O., Omotesho O.A., Jonathan A, Ojediran E.O. and Jimoh O.

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65 - 74

Effect of women empowerment on household food security in Kwara State, Nigeria by Jimoh O., Muhammad-Lawal A, Jonathan A, and Adebisi L.O.

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75 - 88

Evaluation of some quality attributes of ‘ogi’ bran, water yam and pigeon pea flour blends and their stiff dough by Adeola, A.A., Idowu, M.A., Oludiya, O., Salawu, Y., Awojobi, O. and Ohizua, E.R.

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89 - 98

Impact of Fadama III project on beneficiaries’ productivity in Oyun Local Government Area of kwara State, Nigeria by Mohammed, A.B.

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 99 - 108

Evaluation of technical efficiency of sawmills in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria by Ohwo, O. A., Adeyemi, A. A. and Ighofose, E.

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109 - 122

Influence of different fertilizer application rates on growth and yield components of two maize varieties in a forest-savannah-transition agro - ecology zone by Anjorin F. B., Adejumo S.A., Adediran, J.A., Adebayo, A. K., Ogunniyan, D.J., Olanipekun, S.O.

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123 - 129

Nematicidal and quantitative phytochemical analysis of Allamanda cathartica chromatographic fractions by Fabiyi, O. A. and Omoyele, A. A.  Click to download


 130 - 141

Assessment of entrepreneurial skills in the marketing of African walnut and pear fruits in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria by Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M.E., Familusi, L. C. and Samuel, G.E.

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142 - 147

Effect of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Root Meal on Haematological Parameters of Adult Rabbits by George O.S., Wariboko, O. N., and Tony, I. R.    Click to download


148 - 159

An analysis of market associations’ activities in the marketing of rice and beans in Enugu State, Nigeria by Alufohai, G. O., Olisakwe, I. O. and Ekunwe, P.A.

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160 - 172

Effect of some process variables on flowability and thermal properties of sprouted tigernut (Cyperus  esculentus) flour by Komolafe, G.O., Osunde, Z.D., Idah, P. and Chinma, C.E.

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173 - 182

Assessment of seed germination and shade impact on early growth of seedlings of Piptadeniastrium africanum (Hook f.) Brenan in an arboretum by Isikhuemen, E.M. and Oyibotie, G.O.

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