1 - 13

Socio-economics of sawn wood retailing in Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Oladele A. T., Aiyeloja A. A, Choko O. P and E. E Ngoyougha

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14 - 19

The economic loss from Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibious) encroachment on farm lands in three Local Government Areas of Benue State, Nigeria farmer by Iwar, I. M., Yager G. O., Gbagir, H. T.

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20 - 29

Effects of sowing media and pre-sowing treatments on germination of Monodora myristica (Gaertn.)Dunal (African nutmeg) by Kolapo, S. R., Kolapo, M. A. and Jimoh, S. O.

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30 - 43

Influence of genotypes and gestation length on body weight and linear body measurements of rabbits by Ajayi, F.O., Ologbose, F. I. and Esenowo, E. S.

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44 - 53

Serum and carcass evaluation of broiler birds fed different levels of sodium chloride (common salt) in diet by Akinola, L. A. F. and Amakiri A. O.

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54 - 63

Egg quality, serum proteins and enzymes of laying hens fed different levels of red pepper (Capsicum annum L) in diet by Akinola, L.A.F., Nwokolo, E. and Ekejiuba, H.C.

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64 - 74

Measurement of profit efficiency among broiler producers in Delta State, Nigeria by Gbigbi, T. M.

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75 - 83

Socio-economic drivers for single-factor productivity index of food crops among farmers in Kaduna State, North Central, Nigeria by Ojeleye, O.A.

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84 - 91

Factors affecting the adoption of improved cassava varieties’ (TMS 30572 and TMS 30001) recommended practices in Ajaokuta Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria by Ojeleye, O.A.

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 92 - 102

Source gas and particulate matter emissions from a palm oil processing plant at Igwuruta, Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Ezekwe I. C., Igwe C. F. and Ojimini N.

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103 - 116

Pathogenicity of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, on UPIA 3 rice variety by Tanimola, A. A., Asimiea, O. A. and Ndugba, O. D.

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117 - 133

Effect of germination time on the proximate composition and functional properties of moringa seed flour by Chinma, C.E., Lata, L.J., Chukwu, T.M., Azeez, S.O., Ogunsina, B.S., Ohuoba, E.U. and Yakubu, C.M.  Click to download


 134 - 144

Effects of sowing depths on the germination and early seedling growth of different seed sizes of Annona muricata L by Chima, U.D., Etuk, E.C. and Fredrick, C.

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145 - 153

Effect of sources and rates of mulch application on soil physical properties and yield of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) on an ultisol in Southern Nigeria by Omenihu, A.A., Kamalu, O.J and Ofoegbu, O.M    Click to download

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